The Lake of Gramolazzo (500 m). The old church of Gorfigliano (2 km).

Orto di Donna (8 km), on the foot of the Monte Pisanino, the highest mount of the Apuan Alps, (1946 m) where you can admire the marble querries.

The Sanctuary “Madonna del Soccorso (5 km).

Pieve San Lorenzo (8 km) with its “Pieve Romanica” and the lovely octagonal bell tower.

The Lake of Vagli (15 km) famous because inside it there is a village submerged that every 10 years emerged.

Campocatino (10 km), "the Lipu oasis", an extraordinary example of a seasonal settlement of shepherds and farmers. From Campocatino you can reach the San Viviano Hermitage 30 m walking.

The medioeval Fortress "delle Verrucole”(18 km) recently restored  where, in august , you can take part in medioeval and historical events.

The "Orecchiella" Natural Reserves (20 km) are the pride of the new Tosco-Emiliano National Park. Here deers, mouflons, wild boars, wolves and many species of birds, some migratory and others who have found their home in an ideal habitat can be seen.

The Monte Argegna (15 km) with its "Madonna della Guardia", a white Sanctuary situated on the graet high field.

Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, (25 km) with its romanesque "Duomo" (Cathedral) and the Ariost Fortress is the commercial and administrative centre of the valley.

Castelvecchio Pascoli (30 km) where you can visit the poet Giovanni Pascoli's Museum residence.

Barga (35 km) a medioeval city with its romanesque cathedral from where you have one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Apuan Alps.

The Eremo di Calomini, nestled into the bare rock-face and Grotta del Vento (50 km) one of the most well known group of caves, open the tourist, in the world.